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British Manufacturers Favour Staying in the EU

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As debate hots up over whether Britain should remain in the European Union, a survey suggests that British manufacturers are overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a part of the European Union.

There has been much talk for some time as to whether or not Britain should stay or leave Europe but with manufacturers backing staying this is a massive boost to the pro-Europe campaign. The Europe Union offers many significant advantages to member states, including trade benefits and financial support, but the United Kingdom has always tried to maintain a certain level of independence from Europe whilst garnering as many benefits as possible such is the case with the monetary union of the Euro, of which the UK has always refused to enter.

Many EU sceptics claim that being a part of the European Union undermines Britain’s sovereignty, opens up the country to unwanted immigration and forces the country into adopting otherwise unneeded economic policy but pro-Europe campaigners say that it hugely boosts the British economy through mutually beneficial trade links and offers greater security to the continent as a whole both politically and financially.

The manufacturer’s organisation EEF recently produced a survey in which they found the 85% of those polled would vote to stay within the European Union whilst only 7% would choose to leave, despite recent financial troubles within the bloc. Of those who were polled, it was firms with greater than 250 employees who most favoured remaining in the EU with a whopping 90% of them opting to stay. This is quite an impressive amount considering that EEF represents over 6,000 companies. The survey, which was carried out in August, polled around 160 of these.

Despite production slowing across the EU recently, it would seem that manufacturer’s still consider it beneficial to remain a part of the union as Britain has seen a resurgence in recent months and looks on target to pick up the pace soon.

Commenting on the poll’s findings, Terry Scuoler of the EEF said:
“Despite the continued problems in the Eurozone, manufacturers remain overwhelmingly of the view that our economic wellbeing is inextricably linked to the EU and, we must stay in membership.

“It makes no sense to disengage from our major market and it remains fanciful to think we can just pull up the drawbridge and walk away with no consequences.”

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