Emigrating to Europe

Welcome to our Europe page where you will find a vast array of news, information and resources on emigrating to various countries within Europe including details on golden visas for Spain and Portugal. We feature details on jobs in Europe, properties for sale throughout Europe and useful guides on everything to do with your move to Europe.

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London 2

As debate hots up over whether Britain should remain in the European Union, a survey suggests that British manufacturers are overwhelmingly in favour of...

When the global economic crisis hit Portugal in 2011, it hit hard and had devastating effects on the nation’s economy and employment rates but...

If you’re moving to an EU country from outside the European Economic Area, you’ll find that having a job waiting for you makes things...

Being a tourist or a backpacker makes you pretty visible. When you go to a Spanish town famous for its art or its architecture...
Nazare, Portugal

Golden Visas are gaining in popularity across European countries because of their flexibility and relative ease to gain and they see an almost instantaneous...