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Visa application processes for those looking at emigrating abroad. Access to visas and permits for living and working abroad.
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To apply for a Skilled Visa your skills must firstly be in demand. This is rarely a problem because skilled labour is always in...
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Getting a UK visa for those people looking to emigrate to the UK is no easy task especially when you consider the implications. Nevertheless,...
New Zealand 2

Applying for a visa to emigrate to New Zealand can be fairly straight forward when you consider using the country’s relatively streamlined visa system,...
New York

The points system adopted by many of the other larger emigration destinations is  still awaiting implementation in the USA. The whole immigration system in...
New York

Trying to get a ‘Green Card’ for many people is like trying to win the lottery… The ‘green card,’ officially known as the ‘United States...
Harbour Bridge Australia

If you are thinking of emigrating to Australia then you’ll need to complete an Australian visa application form, which can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately,...

Applying for a Canadian visa when considering emigrating to Canada can be both time consuming and stressful to say the least…. While Brits love...