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Emigrating to New Zealand

If you are looking at emigrating to New Zealand then this page contains details on helping you to emigrate to New Zealand including information on schools and education, employment and jobs, healthcare and general tips on living and working in New Zealand.
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New Zealand has seen its house prices leap in the final quarter of 2014, at the same time as sales increased by 24.2% year-on-year....
New Zealand

1: There is no such thing as Kiwi central heating In New Zealand, most houses are built single glazed and without central heating. The usual...
Rural New Zealand - Places to live

New Zealand has a very wide range of lifestyles available, depending on where in the country you move to. That’s great if you do...
Auckland Hospital

Healthcare facilities in New Zealand for those looking to emigrate to the country can be another thing to worry about, after visas, work, finding...
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Finding work in New Zealand or employment in New Zealand can be the next challenge for any would be looking to emigrate to the...
New Zealand University

Finding the right school or educational facility in New Zealand for your children during your emigration process can be a worrying addition to the...
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Applying for a visa to emigrate to New Zealand can be fairly straight forward when you consider using the country’s relatively streamlined visa system,...